About Me

HELLO! My names Iona, and I'm a 17 years old from London. I was born in London, but when I was 7 I moved to Somerset for School and stayed there for 9 years. I'm now back in London and going to Art Uni! I love a lot of things, including traveling, learning, art, fashion, technology, 3D... the list goes on! I'm always running round like a loony, doing everything I possibly can.

10 Interesting Facts:
  1. I had an art exhibition of my work when I was 13/14.
  2. I started selling my work at the age of 12.
  3. I have a fashion brand called AQUAORA, which started in July 2015.
  4. I have an amazing family, that are so inspirationally by accomplishing so much in their fields.
  5. I hope to invent something in the future that will make a big impact in the world, for the better.
  6. I got into Central St Martins a year early (if you don't know what CSM is, it's a very good art school).
  7. I have a half sister (but we are like sisters) called 'Misia', who lives in LA and who is amazing at graphics! Check out her website! www.misiaclive.com
  8. My mum basically invented body conscious clothing.
  9. I have died my hair so many colours, it's now very damaged.
  10. When I was younger I traveled to so many countries, and don't remember any of it!

Oh, and this is my dog Maia, she's adorable :)

I appreciate everyone who is taking the time to look and read my blog! And I hope I will keep you enough interested for you to keep visiting.

Lots of Love xox

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  1. Great blog! I found your awesome blog while searching for my own on Google! How strange?!