Saturday, 2 April 2016

the NEW LOOK 2016

HELLO WORLD! Today I'm going to be showing you my new look for 2016. As you may know by looking at my instagram @ionaaaac that i've added more colour to my wardrobe (well tried to). Purchasing more items that are cute, a bit kawaii and colourful (of course). So, I thought I'd share some of my new favourite brands that i'm dying to buy from at the moment! I've also started a new instagram for another side to me which is more bubbly/ funny and cute @whiteunicorn7 . Go check me and out and follow if you want ! ;D

All these pieces of clothing might not be to all of your taste, but it will hopefully bring out a side to you that you might of not known you had. So lets get started! These items are things I've picked out and that are currently waiting in my shopping baskets. :L

We are going to start with :

ANGEL Sheep koko Unisex Tee -- $ 24.99
This adorable t-shirt can be used as daily wear, as something cosy to go around in. OR night wear, if you don't like to wear these sorts of things in public. I thought the design was really cute and illustrated nicely for all ages!

These I thought were just so funny and cutieessss! The reason i'm drawn to avocado's is quite weird. But it's mainly because my parents told me a lot of funny stories of me when I was younger with avocados in them. So... yeah....
But also thought they were a good price!

I thought this jacket was really nicely designed. With it being mixed with different colours and text forming and really nice jacket! Even though it's a bit expensive, I can imagine it being defiantly worth your money!

Now, I've been wanting a sweatshirt like this for literally years! It'a such a nice thing to just put on quickly and know that it looks nice! It looks so cosy too :)) It will certainly bring a pop of colour into your wardrobe!

I can't start to begin are amazing these shoes are! They are just so fun and wacky. I sure when you're wearing them you will feel so fun and alive! Dying to get a pair!!!!

This bag, like, is just the most adorable thing ever! Unicorns have been an obsession for a lot of us, especially recently. (referring to the name of my new Instagram)... But how they've turned it into a bag and it looks soooo soft! AHHHHH

Even thought this jacket wouldn't keep you that warm, it's something that can be put over a jumper. Also can be used for sports! Even in summer, you can use it as something light to put on if it gets a bit chilly.

Here are a few other websites that I like shopping on similar to these:

I suppose that i'm only really getting into these styles of clothing now, because I've always been worried about how people think I look. But being at art uni really makes you realise that you shouldn't care what others think! Be who you wanna be! Dress how you wanna dress!

Hope you enjoyed the post! See you soon!

Let me know in the comments, which ones your favvvv!!!!

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  1. That jacket is the best thing ever, I want it.