Monday, 4 April 2016

Daily Make-up Routine PART 2

Continuing my PART 2 of my Make-up. Moving onto what I use after the foundation process.

First I would powder my face with the MAC - MINERALIZE FOUNDATION/LOOSE, in shade LIGHT PLUS. Quite lightly in most areas, but maybe a but more on the cheeks.
Moving on to my Bronzer and Blusher :

For a long time I was using a MAC BRONZER, but I recently deiceded to purchase the ESTEE LAUDER - BRONZE GODDNESS in shade 01 Light. Even though it's a tad expensive, you will get your moneys worth as it will last a long long time! My friend actually recommended using ESTEE LAUDER products to me, as she has used them for a long time and loves them!

I don't use blusher that much, but have recently as it's getting hotter. And what I would usually use is the MAC - POWDER BLUSH in shade Blushbaby. I do love their shades in the product, so I would defiantly go check them out to see what you think would best suit you!

Now, this product I've purchased the most recent and its amazing! Yet again another MAC product but it's the MAC - VELUXE BROW LINER in shade TAUPE. As my hair colour has gotton much darker recently, I deiced to go for a liner that could give me nice defined brown but can also look quite soft/gentle. The the other half of the pencil it also has a spoolie (little brush).

At the moment I've been using this really good cheap liner, that I got off ebay (I think). It's called GABRINI - BLACK DIPLINER. It's very good for the prise, and I always need waterproof as they tend to come off on my eye lid otherwise.

This next one I will not stress enough. This is the best mascara I have ever used (and i've gone through a lot of brands!). Let me present the ILLAMASQUE - MASQUARA it only comes in one shade. But this mascara has really done well! It enables my lashes too look long and full with hardly clumping. Actually a lot of people have commented on my lashes since using this product, and asked if I had fake eyelashes on!

I get to my final make-up product. The YVES SAINT LAURENT - ROUGE PUR COUTURE, and can't actually find the shade number on my product. But it's a natural skin colour with a bit of pinkyness.

I might be doing a youtube video of how I apply these products everyday and the different brushes I use. If there's anything I really recommend getting out of all of them I would go for the ILLAMAQUE - MASQUARA.

See you soon! :)

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