Sunday, 3 April 2016

Daily Make-up Routine PART 1

Noww, I thought i'd share with you guys my daily makeup products that I use on my face. I changed my products quite a lot depending on how my skin is at that time of the year, and new things I discover. But for the moment I'm going to tell you what I will be using probably through Spring and maybe Summer.
Because my skin hasn't been good for a while now, I've tried to use things that won't aggravate it. But i'm not sure if these products are the best things to use with acne, soo... hehe. Anyways, I thought if anyone did have similar skin problems to me that it could help you decide on a good makeup product for you!

I'm going start with what I put on first onto my skin before applying makeup. Now I either moisturise or use a primer that has a good amount of moisture in it (as my skin can get quite dry).

Using LIZ EARLE - SKIN REPAIR MOISTURISER (also sometimes use this before bed)
I have the Dry/Sensitive one, but there is also another called normal/combination.



Moving onto makeup! Starting off with MAKE UP FOR EVER - ULTRA HD FOUNDATION STICK . As I've got quite light skin but more on the yellowy side then the pinkish, I have shade 117=Y225. I don't apply this all over my face, just the areas that need a bit more coverage (for example the irritated patches, redness).

Then I actually combine too foundations together ( I do this to get a different shade, and also for more coverage). First the MAC - STUDIO FIX FLUID in shade SPF 20, but actually i'm more of a 15. I've used this foundation for a long time, and have always gone backwards and forwards with it. Mainly because of my skin changing its condition.

With that I use the ILLAMASQUE - RICH LIQUID FOUNDATION in shade 115. This foundation gives amazing coverage with people that are worried about their skin. Although, I have seen over the time of using it that when it's been on your skin for a bit, it sometimes give off a weird texture on your skin. This might just be me, but just thought i'd say :)

Sometime (depending how bad my skin is that day) I might not have to use a concealer. But if I do, I mainly use the MAC - SELECT COVER-UP in shade NC20. I use for mainly some remaining spot I can see sometimes on my cheeks and chin. This have always been one of my number one concealer, and have used it ever since I was little when I first started to get spots and wanted some sort of hidden coverup. Hehe...

For highlighting, I usually use the NARS - RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER  in the shade Chantilly. It's really good for putting under your eyes and in your t-zone. As my skin is so light, I have to use one of the lightest shades to make me look more ghost like. LOL!

This is the first half of my routine, I will be doing the other half on the next post! Look out for it!

Hope this has given you some advise/help!

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