Tuesday, 17 November 2015


ELLO ELLO! So, today I thought I would talk to you guys about my arty side. I don't really talk about that much how art and design is such a bit part of my life! and I really don't know why... There are so many aspects to art and design that i'm passionate about, including; photography, graphics, animation, tech, fine art, architecture, inventing... and many more. It's always been with me ever since I can remember. So telling you about another side to me (which is a huge side) thought it would be a good idea.

Here's the short version.

When I was quite young (around 9-10) art started to become quite serious, with me coming high up in an art competition and we really getting into the different aspects to art. Obviously at school, fine art is always the side of art that gets pushed down your throat a bit. Portraits especially became a big part of my work and had my own art and photography exhibition when I was 12-13 years old. I had to created my own way of photographing my macro pictures and drawing my large portraits (usually of very old eastern men, as they were the most interesting for me to draw). As I got older, I got inspired by so many different things around me; family, software, adaption of technology, experimentation. I got interested in graphics, motion design, more of photography/film, inventing (product design/ interaction design). So then fine art started to become more of a hobby, when I left school at 16.
Which I then started at Ravensbourne which is a great design university in East London. I went straight from school to this course at Ravensbourne called 'Pre Foundation Diploma in Art and Design'. When I heard about this course I was instantly excited about it and wanted to leave school and focus on my art passions more. Being there for a year gave me a good spread out experimentation of different sides to design (not so much fine art). I learnt A LOT about not just art and design, but about myself. Met some amazing friends there that I will always stay in contact with, one being one of my best friends now.
Which is now brought us to today.
I'm currently studying at CSM (Central St Martins, apart of UAL), one of the best art and design universities in the world! I was so lucky to get in, as there was a 1/6 chance. I've been there since the beginning of September doing an Art and Design Foundation Diagnosis, which is where you experiment with everything and not specialise straight away. As I didn't know what I wanted to do yet, I thought that diagnostic would be best for me. Knowing that I would never really want to specialise because I have so many aspects of design that I want to do and take forward. Again being here is teaching me so much about my self that I didn't know, and is helping me decide what I would maybe want to do in the future.

So that's my brief (ish) history lesson.

Now onto things that i'm working on and about my work. I have my own websitehttp://www.ionaclive.co.ukFacebook page, and Tumblr dedicated to the different things I do. GO CHECK THEM OUT! Even though they aren't that updated, will start to upload things more often.

The direction that i'm heading in, for maybe doing for BA (bachelor of arts) is Interaction Design.