Monday, 20 October 2014

Long Fashionable Coats/Ponchos

Now, recently looking around at people on the high street there are loads of people now wearing these long fashionable coats. They are mainly for look as they don't really keep you warm and a lot of fashion students at my college wear them. They are becoming quite in at the moment and most shops are now selling large quantities of them. Also Ponchos are becoming quite well known to be quite fashionable as well. I just recently bought a tartan one, and it's my favourite fashion item I own. Here are a few that I have seen around in shops at these selection of stores.

Zara - Poncho Coat

Zara - Long Coat

TOPSHOP - Long Line Throw On Dogtooth Duster

Urban Outfitters - Cope Sheer Soft Trench Coat

Bershka - Oversize Neoprene Coat

H&M - Poncho

I am hopefully going to be purchasing one soon, but can't decide what to get and which brand. Let me what you think of these sorts of outerwear, and what styles you like!