Tuesday, 30 September 2014


'Being Yourself', a lot of people find it hard to do this, as it seems so simple... Everyone is there own self and everyone is different. When you are growing up you are trying to find yourself and what you represent and this takes some people a life time to figure out. 

When you are young and going to your different schools, you try to fit in blend with others. This draws people away from finding out and being who they truly are. It's a physiological thing, when we do things to pleasure others needs and not their own. Because as you would say when you young, you would be 'weird'. This gives children the thought that they have to be 'a sheep' and not the odd one out. If everyones the same, then the world would be a boring place to be. Our world is like what it is because everyones different. If you copy people and not be you, its stupid as it's like your wasting yourself to be like others. The worst age for most youngsters is around the teen ages. But the environment is also a massive part of who you turn out to be. Although it depends what sort of person you are. Some people get absorbed in the environment and with the people and always stay the same or similar to how they were when they started their. But others can slower develop more about who they are when they leave.

With me, I have been influenced a lot by where I have been to school. But I never lost my true self when I was in my different environments. I wouldn't obviously be the person who I am today if I didn't go to those certain places. But most of who I am now is mostly who I would be even if I had gone to other locations. My previous school, I never thought I could ever be my self for a lot of reasons. However, now I am very happy where I am and can be my complete self with a little parts from the places I have been brought up. 

You start to learn more about who you truly are the older you get, as you are getting more and more experience. My point of this blog post was to get everyone to think about who they are and how they want them selves interpreted by others. I hope you found this interesting, and let me know if you want me to do more posts like this!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

American Apparel Autumn Collection 2014

I used to be absolutely obsessed with American Apparel, but kind of went off it as it was so expensive. But recently, as starting off at Uni, people from there have been getting me back into it again. Also I am in London, I see a lot of their stores! So I thought I would show you some of their Autumn clothes.

Monel 9 Eyeglass
Colour - Black

These glasses have such a vintage look to them, thats what stands out for me. Also the gold in the glasses adds a touch of class to them and makes them a bit more smarter. If you are a hipster, like to dress in Vintage clothing or just love wearing fashionable glasses, these are for you!

Snake Shawl Cardigan
Colours - Navy/Ivory and Black/Ivory

This cardigan is so stylish! And is something thats perfect for Autumn as you aren't sure what the weather will be like. The colours it comes in are really admirable, and will go will a lot of different outfits. Also it just look so comfortable and cosy to wear and it hangs really well on you.

Gingham Pocket Skirt
Colours - White

I'm not usually a fan of skirts that hang on the shins, but this one looks so flawless. It's good for people that have a good figure and for people that don't. This is because the design of it and how it sits of your hips. It would also suit people that are small and tall. Just LUSH!

Pencil Jean
Colours - Black/White, Dark Stone Wash Indigo and Medium Stone Wash Indigo

I LOVEEEEE these jeans and all the other colours it comes in as well! They just give you such a nice shape and make your legs look extra long! I would defiantly invest in a pair of these, they are GORGEOUS! Also as high wasted jeans are so in at the moment.

Unisex Waffle Mesh Cardigan
Colours - Black and White

This is quite an refreshing cardigan, as its not what you would expect but is really nice! Also again perfect for the weather, and for people that are in hot countries. You could always you it as a sports jacket as well, as it would be great to just slip on after a workout!

Let me know what you think of the pieces of clothing! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, 5 September 2014


I'M BACK! After 9 years of being in the sweet, peaceful countryside, i'm back in the city! I have started at art uni a week ago and really enjoying it so far. Have met some wonderful people and getting used to the freedom to explore... I have missed London so much, and I now feel like I am finally home. I hope to go to blogging meet ups and really take advantage of living back in the city! I feel like I have 9 years to catch up on, but don't have time for that. But I love how you can never get bored in London, as there is always something going on near you. I have been looking up some awesome going out places, and can not wait to visit them! :)

My makeup collection is regaining its strength by having makeup stores everywhere around me. Keeping up with the fashion trends and looking at what everyones up to these days.
So you'll be probably seeing a lot more makeup and fashion posts as i'll be soon be getting obsessed!

I am glad that we have a beautiful garden to relax and chill, also for Maia.

Please let me know if you are a London blogger, would love to get to know some of you!