Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Cornwall Weekend

I have FINALLY finished my GCSE exams! I can't believe it's over, and that I am free now to get on with my life. I will be starting at a art collage in September, where I can be myself and do the things I love!
I needed to get away for a couple days from my house and my surroundings. So, I went on a couple days trip with a could of old friends to Cornwall. We stayed in this lovely house in Falmouth, right by the sea.

We spent most of the days out at sea, on one of our friends boats. It was gorgeous weather throughout the days we were there. It did help me to forget about work and to just relax.. 
On Saturday we started out getting some food for the boat ride and then looked around the shops as one of my friends is going on a National Geographic Expedition and needed to get clothing for it. After that we set off on the boat to some beaches. We had a little swim and jumped off rocks into the clear turquoise waters. Lying on the boat, reading a book in the beaming sun was just heaven!
On Sunday we were back on the boat, early in the morning off to do some kayaking. We booked them for 2 hours, although when we went off the boat the second time to swim around I hurt myself getting  off the kayak. This cut the kayaking short and had to get back to the boat straight away. Other then that incident, it was a great trip!

It was a lovely peaceful atmosphere to be in, and would love to visit soon! And I would defiantly recommend going there!

It's strange because I already feel relaxed and becoming more of me thats been hiding for years. I bought some colourful hair dye to put on my hair after I bleach it! I feel like this is an end of an era, and will miss my old life! But can't wait for what happens next..

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and see you on my next post!