Friday, 4 April 2014


I went to London the other day, just for the day with the family. When I was there I came across this new Makeup brand called KIKO. Now this brand was actually founded the year I was born (1997, so not really new), and now I have come across it, it does sound familiar! When I went in to the store, it was quite busy and seemed very popular! The prices weren't that bad and some of the lipsticks were very cheap. Also they had things discounted which I liked as not many makeup brands have that in their stores.
I would recommend checking out their OUTLET, as they have some really good products on there at the moment at amazing prices!
I bought a lot of things from them the other day, but what I have really loved using is the VOLUME TOP COAT MASCARA! Also this is actually discounted at the moment, so I would go over to their website quickly!
I am going to be keeping an eye on this brand, because I have a feeling that soon it will become extremely popular! (even though it might be already..) Also they don't just do makeup, they do nail varnish and hair products!

The only thing else I can really say is to go and check out their website for yourself, or a store if theres one near you!

Thank you for reading! and hope everyone has a nice weekend!

P.s sorry about not posting for a while, I have my exams soon and i'm revising like crazy! So please, bare with me!

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