Monday, 20 October 2014

Long Fashionable Coats/Ponchos

Now, recently looking around at people on the high street there are loads of people now wearing these long fashionable coats. They are mainly for look as they don't really keep you warm and a lot of fashion students at my college wear them. They are becoming quite in at the moment and most shops are now selling large quantities of them. Also Ponchos are becoming quite well known to be quite fashionable as well. I just recently bought a tartan one, and it's my favourite fashion item I own. Here are a few that I have seen around in shops at these selection of stores.

Zara - Poncho Coat

Zara - Long Coat

TOPSHOP - Long Line Throw On Dogtooth Duster

Urban Outfitters - Cope Sheer Soft Trench Coat

Bershka - Oversize Neoprene Coat

H&M - Poncho

I am hopefully going to be purchasing one soon, but can't decide what to get and which brand. Let me what you think of these sorts of outerwear, and what styles you like!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


'Being Yourself', a lot of people find it hard to do this, as it seems so simple... Everyone is there own self and everyone is different. When you are growing up you are trying to find yourself and what you represent and this takes some people a life time to figure out. 

When you are young and going to your different schools, you try to fit in blend with others. This draws people away from finding out and being who they truly are. It's a physiological thing, when we do things to pleasure others needs and not their own. Because as you would say when you young, you would be 'weird'. This gives children the thought that they have to be 'a sheep' and not the odd one out. If everyones the same, then the world would be a boring place to be. Our world is like what it is because everyones different. If you copy people and not be you, its stupid as it's like your wasting yourself to be like others. The worst age for most youngsters is around the teen ages. But the environment is also a massive part of who you turn out to be. Although it depends what sort of person you are. Some people get absorbed in the environment and with the people and always stay the same or similar to how they were when they started their. But others can slower develop more about who they are when they leave.

With me, I have been influenced a lot by where I have been to school. But I never lost my true self when I was in my different environments. I wouldn't obviously be the person who I am today if I didn't go to those certain places. But most of who I am now is mostly who I would be even if I had gone to other locations. My previous school, I never thought I could ever be my self for a lot of reasons. However, now I am very happy where I am and can be my complete self with a little parts from the places I have been brought up. 

You start to learn more about who you truly are the older you get, as you are getting more and more experience. My point of this blog post was to get everyone to think about who they are and how they want them selves interpreted by others. I hope you found this interesting, and let me know if you want me to do more posts like this!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

American Apparel Autumn Collection 2014

I used to be absolutely obsessed with American Apparel, but kind of went off it as it was so expensive. But recently, as starting off at Uni, people from there have been getting me back into it again. Also I am in London, I see a lot of their stores! So I thought I would show you some of their Autumn clothes.

Monel 9 Eyeglass
Colour - Black

These glasses have such a vintage look to them, thats what stands out for me. Also the gold in the glasses adds a touch of class to them and makes them a bit more smarter. If you are a hipster, like to dress in Vintage clothing or just love wearing fashionable glasses, these are for you!

Snake Shawl Cardigan
Colours - Navy/Ivory and Black/Ivory

This cardigan is so stylish! And is something thats perfect for Autumn as you aren't sure what the weather will be like. The colours it comes in are really admirable, and will go will a lot of different outfits. Also it just look so comfortable and cosy to wear and it hangs really well on you.

Gingham Pocket Skirt
Colours - White

I'm not usually a fan of skirts that hang on the shins, but this one looks so flawless. It's good for people that have a good figure and for people that don't. This is because the design of it and how it sits of your hips. It would also suit people that are small and tall. Just LUSH!

Pencil Jean
Colours - Black/White, Dark Stone Wash Indigo and Medium Stone Wash Indigo

I LOVEEEEE these jeans and all the other colours it comes in as well! They just give you such a nice shape and make your legs look extra long! I would defiantly invest in a pair of these, they are GORGEOUS! Also as high wasted jeans are so in at the moment.

Unisex Waffle Mesh Cardigan
Colours - Black and White

This is quite an refreshing cardigan, as its not what you would expect but is really nice! Also again perfect for the weather, and for people that are in hot countries. You could always you it as a sports jacket as well, as it would be great to just slip on after a workout!

Let me know what you think of the pieces of clothing! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, 5 September 2014


I'M BACK! After 9 years of being in the sweet, peaceful countryside, i'm back in the city! I have started at art uni a week ago and really enjoying it so far. Have met some wonderful people and getting used to the freedom to explore... I have missed London so much, and I now feel like I am finally home. I hope to go to blogging meet ups and really take advantage of living back in the city! I feel like I have 9 years to catch up on, but don't have time for that. But I love how you can never get bored in London, as there is always something going on near you. I have been looking up some awesome going out places, and can not wait to visit them! :)

My makeup collection is regaining its strength by having makeup stores everywhere around me. Keeping up with the fashion trends and looking at what everyones up to these days.
So you'll be probably seeing a lot more makeup and fashion posts as i'll be soon be getting obsessed!

I am glad that we have a beautiful garden to relax and chill, also for Maia.

Please let me know if you are a London blogger, would love to get to know some of you!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Designer Labels

Designer Labels is quite a big subject in the fashion world, with most people wanting to have designer clothing and accessories. There are plenty of brands to choose from that will make people think your 'trendy', with what you wear. Designer Label is a term most often applied to luxury items. Upper middle class are perhaps the most commonly targeted customers. Designer Label companies use their smaller and cheaper merchandise, aimer at the middle class, such a wallets, fashion jewellery , key-rings and small accessories, to make the majority of their income. Whilst the more expensive pieces such as haute couture, high jewellery, hand-bags, shoes and even furnishings are usually reserved for the wealthier upper-class clientele.

Designer Labels aren't just restricted to the fashion industry. Many cars and motorcycle companies are regarded as them. It just means that they make their vehicles to a higher standard than the average manufactures. Many people consider designer labels to be a status symbol. For example their logos, representing the brand as a whole.

Now a days, and it's getting worse as time goes on, teens feel more and more peer pressured into buying 'Designer labels'. This is to seem up to date with the trends and make sure they are the same as everyone else. I understand because I am one of those teenagers... We feel that we must buy clothing that only has a designer quality to it. Which is what our world has come too, which will probably continue for a long time.

Thanks for reading! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Will try to post more regularly now! Moving in a week and a bit, so might be quite busy though.

Sunday, 6 July 2014


I have been wanting to purchase Make up Forever ever since I watched this Youtube video of a girl that has serious acne that recommend it! This is the link: Youtube..  The makeup covered up her acne so well that I wanted it to get it to check it out for myself! Even though my acne is no where near as bad as this ladies, I thought that if she could cover hers up with this that mine would defiantly cover up well. There are lots of good reviews on the Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation, with a lot of beauty bloggers saying that they love it! You will also see in the picture the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer which is alright.. I think the foundation is much better, but I think to get a good coverage has to be applied with a brush!

The brush that I use in in the picture and its from Cheeky, although you can obviously use any brush. I have found this brush partially good with covering up my acne though! It applies evenly and the right coverage for your skin. The Make Up For Ever website provides you with this page that explains how to use their makeup and instructions. Routine HD. This is what Make up For Ever says about HD : Today HD is part of every day life, with HD technology every woman wants to enjoy a perfect, natural and flawless complexion. The HD complexion products use innovative formulas to create a new generation of makeup which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye.

As summer is certainly upon us, I will need to purchase a more tanned concealer and foundation so I don't look washed out in the sun! Even though the Foundation retails at : £30.95 it is worth it!
I also purchased the Make Up For Ever HD powder which I have been liking. Although I wouldn't recommend it as there are lots of powders in the market that are much cheaper and that are very similar.

If you interested in finding out about more of their products, visit their website! If you looking to study Makeup, I would check out their Makeup School to see if they have one in your country!

Thank you for reading, and hope you have a good rest of your weekend :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Cornwall Weekend

I have FINALLY finished my GCSE exams! I can't believe it's over, and that I am free now to get on with my life. I will be starting at a art collage in September, where I can be myself and do the things I love!
I needed to get away for a couple days from my house and my surroundings. So, I went on a couple days trip with a could of old friends to Cornwall. We stayed in this lovely house in Falmouth, right by the sea.

We spent most of the days out at sea, on one of our friends boats. It was gorgeous weather throughout the days we were there. It did help me to forget about work and to just relax.. 
On Saturday we started out getting some food for the boat ride and then looked around the shops as one of my friends is going on a National Geographic Expedition and needed to get clothing for it. After that we set off on the boat to some beaches. We had a little swim and jumped off rocks into the clear turquoise waters. Lying on the boat, reading a book in the beaming sun was just heaven!
On Sunday we were back on the boat, early in the morning off to do some kayaking. We booked them for 2 hours, although when we went off the boat the second time to swim around I hurt myself getting  off the kayak. This cut the kayaking short and had to get back to the boat straight away. Other then that incident, it was a great trip!

It was a lovely peaceful atmosphere to be in, and would love to visit soon! And I would defiantly recommend going there!

It's strange because I already feel relaxed and becoming more of me thats been hiding for years. I bought some colourful hair dye to put on my hair after I bleach it! I feel like this is an end of an era, and will miss my old life! But can't wait for what happens next..

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and see you on my next post!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

For all my gorgeous readers, I am so sorry that I have not been able to do a post in ages! I have had my GCSEs and am now on Half Term break. I have the rest of my exams after the holidays, so soon I will be able to post more often! Hope everyone is getting into the summer vibe here in England! For people in other countries, you might be going into a different season. But wish everyone a lovely break!

Now, let me introduce you to the Mac Studio Fix Fluid!

I have used this product for around a couple of years, and it's been amazing! I really love the way it sits on my skin and the finish that it gives me when I apply a translucent powder. A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-buildable coverage with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15. Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours. Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and disperses oil. Contains special skin-conditioning ingredients.
So would recommend people that like a quite a full coverage and with oily skin. As you can tell I have used this bottle a lot, by the state its in. Now I wouldn't really recommend it for people that have acne, as some people that have used it with acne have said they have had more breakouts then usual.

It retails at : £21.50

It comes in 39 different shades and would recommend it being applied by foundation brush!
For example the 190 Foundation Brush from MAC. Which retails at: £27.00.
*Applying foundation with a good quality foundation brush, is really worth it!*

Please let me know your thoughts on the product and tell me the pros and cons!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I will be going through two different parts of Nail Growth;
ONE being people that just want there nails to grow healthier and longer, 
TWO that people find it hard to grow them as they bite.

Ever since I was little I have biting my nails. I think this is because I am always busy running around doing things and get stressed easily. So I bite my hands for some sort of stress release. I wanted to tell you some things that has helped me in the past but also a lot of research that I have done as well. So, lets get started.

FIRST, we will start with the people that just want to try and have longer and healthier nails!

What to stop doing :
  1. Peeling off old nail varnishPicking away at old or chipped nail polish will aggravate the nail bed and lead to damage.
  2. Saw nails back and forthRemember to look at your hands from every angle and to file from each outside edge toward the center of the nail. Never saw back and forth on the tip of the nail, as this will weaken nails.
  3. Using nails as a tool - When using fingernails to open boxes, letters or as any last-minute tool, you risk bending the nail back, among other things.

What you can do :
  1. Keep nails and hands moisturised -  Unless you suffer from severely dry skin, you may not hydrate nearly as much as you should. But your nails would look a lot better if you did.
  2. Be cautious of chemicals in nail productsThat pretty shade of pink or red nail polish that's sitting on the shelf at the nail salon may be loaded with hazardous materials or chemicals.
  3. Slip some warm winter gloves on before the cold - Winter temperatures can seriously dry and deteriorate you nails, so make sure to wear gloves when you go out.
  4. Load up your meals with protein - A well-balanced diet and drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated are just a few of the simple ways that will promote healthier nails.
  5. Nail Strengtheners - They are composed mainly of keratin protein, which is what the nail is mostly made up of. The strengthener bonds the molecules in the nails together creating a stronger nail.


SECOND, the people who find it hard to grow them if they bite.

What to stop doing :
  1. Stressful situations - Biting your nails can be caused my stressful points in your life. So trying to relax more and having more breaks between work will help!
  2. Being bored - I know this sound easy that it is, but it is quite simple. If you find your self with nothing to do just trying a keep your hands busy.

What you can do :

  1. Seems obvious, but you've got to want it - It might seem redundant to say, but any change has to be desired, really desired. And for such a simple behaviour, nail-biting is surprisingly hard to quit, perhaps partly because it doesn't seem that big a deal and our hands are always with us.
  2. Bitter-tasting nail biting polish -The nasty taste will discourage you from biting. You can also you use a regular clear or coloured nail polish to prevent nail biting.
  3. Wear Gloves or put a rubber band around your wrist - Putting gloves on will prevent you from biting and then if you have have a rubber band around your wrist and snap it whenever you get the urge to bite.
  4. Instead, replace bad with good (or at least neutral) - One of the keys to habit change is developing a new, good (or at least neutral) response that can compete with the old, bad habit.
  • Chewing gum
  • putting your hands in your pockets
  • twiddling your thumbs
  • playing with a ball or an elastic band
  • clasping your hands together
  • eating a carrot

Hope you found this interesting to read! And if you do benefit from doing any of these things, then please comment below to let me know! :) Also if anyone has tried these suggestions before in the past let me know, what love to know if they worked for you!

Friday, 4 April 2014


I went to London the other day, just for the day with the family. When I was there I came across this new Makeup brand called KIKO. Now this brand was actually founded the year I was born (1997, so not really new), and now I have come across it, it does sound familiar! When I went in to the store, it was quite busy and seemed very popular! The prices weren't that bad and some of the lipsticks were very cheap. Also they had things discounted which I liked as not many makeup brands have that in their stores.
I would recommend checking out their OUTLET, as they have some really good products on there at the moment at amazing prices!
I bought a lot of things from them the other day, but what I have really loved using is the VOLUME TOP COAT MASCARA! Also this is actually discounted at the moment, so I would go over to their website quickly!
I am going to be keeping an eye on this brand, because I have a feeling that soon it will become extremely popular! (even though it might be already..) Also they don't just do makeup, they do nail varnish and hair products!

The only thing else I can really say is to go and check out their website for yourself, or a store if theres one near you!

Thank you for reading! and hope everyone has a nice weekend!

P.s sorry about not posting for a while, I have my exams soon and i'm revising like crazy! So please, bare with me!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a good week so far! I thought I would share with you this product and give you my personal views on it. I was recommended to use a 'BB Cream' by one of my mothers friends, as it could be a good thing to use if you have bad skin. So I thought I would look up on the Internet to see what peoples views to which one they would recommend, and came across the GARNIER one. Now funny enough, when I went to the supermarket that day it was sitting on the shelf. I purchased the light one retailed at £9.00, as I have quite pale skin and thought I would add things on top anyway (for extra coverage, because of my acne).
When I first tried it, I though that I should of probably read more reviews on it to begin with without jumping to the conclusion as it was rated one of the top 'BB Creams' on a website! To start with it wasn't that light it was a quite a tanned colour which made me look odd. Now this could be because I don't really blend it in to my skin that much because I was more coverage. So don't let that from stopping you buy it! Putting that aside, I did like the feel of it on my skin and the coverage that it gave me.

This is what Garnier say :

It's your latest beauty secret... an all-in-one super dooper, anytime, anywhere skincare solution for perfected skin.

Use it on its own or as a primer, when you get up, after the gym, a post-work touch up, pre-date beautifier... the list is endless!

What I Think

  • Consistency - It has a good consistency with it being quite think. I personally like creams that are little thicker, because I feel like they provide the amount of coverage that I need.
  • Coverage - For me, personally, you can layer it up quite a lot! But also you can get a quite a light coverage if you choose too.
  • Look On The Skin - It gives quite a even coverage, but with it not matching my skin colour very well it doesn't.
  • Feel On The Skin - This BB cream felt really heavy and can be quite lightweight as well, which I think had something to do with the gel formula. However, it did not make my skin feel as fresh as a daisy like Garnier's BB cream did.
  • Smell - As me and lots of people who have reviewed it, it smells like a Garnier Product.
  • Colour - I have seen this BB cream in only two shades in the UK; Light, Medium. So, quite hard to fit someones skin tone.
  • Wear Time - Due to the fact that this BB cream is quite moisturising and thick it's quite good at trying on.
  • Price - I think for what I think of it and how much there is in the tube, its a good price yes.

1 Product, 5 Solutions

  • Evens tone and boosts glow
  • Blurs Imperfections
  • Smoothes Fine lines
  • 24hr Hydration
  • SPF 15 UV protection

I hope you found this interesting! And please let me know your thoughts on it, or if you use any other BB Creams!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Scarlett Black

I was in London the other day for a number of reasons, one of them being to meet these two ladies todo with my parents factory. One of the ladies owns her own factory, and the other owns her own fashion brand called Scarlett Black. And I thought why not do a post on her, as she has been very successful with it and also I adore some of the things she has on there. But what I found really interesting is that she makes them from up cycled fabrics.


Scarlett Black is a London based fashion brand that not only showcases it's own premium clothing label, but also showcases other independent premium fashion brands. The collection consists of clothing made from quality fabrics, designed to flatter the body and create a beautiful silhouette.
All styles are designed in a very clean and simplistic way, that can be dressed up or down, to suit more than one occasion.

The Founder of Scarlett Black London, Eliza Scarlett, studied styling and photography at the London Collage of Fashion and has worked as a Buyer for Jaeger & Aquascutum in London. Eliza shows her commercial knowledge throughout the collection and appreciates the importance of today's woman's busy 'day-to-day' lifestyle.

Here are a few Press things that might be of interest to you :

Here are my Favourite things from her clothing, accessories and kids ranges :

Hope you enjoyed looking at this post! and please go check out her website!

Everyone have a lovely end of the week!

P.s it's my blog anniversary. It's just turned 1 today! :D

Monday, 10 February 2014


My new brand is getting off the ground nicely! I have created a FacebookTwitterInstagram, for aquaora! So, please follow them to keep up to date with new clothing and events! I am in the middle of creating the website, so hopefully it will be up and running soon. I have designed a lot of the clothing and will be doing more. We are starting off with sportswear, swimwear, dresses, skirts and tops. These things will be made with a Fabric that was very popular in the 80's, called the Crinkle Fabric.
Later on, if the brand becomes successful I will start to make products with other fabrics. We are getting the fabric in at the moment, and have shown the pattern maker the designs.
The clothing will be made in my mum and dad's factory that they have just got. They both have experience in that area as they have both owned factories and big companies before.
I also forgot to mention that the fabric that we are starting with is by my mother, Rosemary Moore (which is her designer name). She has had an amazing life, been incredibly successful and has worked with some of the top designers in the world (for example, Jimmy Choo).

I designed the logo the other day, who likes? haha! The name aquaora came from the name aqua aura which is a name of a light blue rock. The .com of aqua aura was taken but then I thought of how it actually sounds and thought that that spelling was better.

These are examples of the fabric that were in the 80's. We won't be creating stuff like this, it will be very different. Although these aren't some of the best pictures, they did create some amazing products.

Hope you enjoyed this post! And hopefully when I get the website up and running people will go on to it and maybe buy something! P.S. Don't forget to go on to my FacebookTwitter and Instagram!!!

Friday, 31 January 2014


Recently I have discovered this awesome fashion Brand called 'Motel'!!! I found it as I was looking up vintage high street brands. They have a great sale at the moment, so I defo go check it out! Also I have been looking for inspirational fashion pictures recently as I am in the process of making my own fashion brand! So I have been on Pinterest a lot, looking at what's the trends at the moment and what kind of things teens are wearing.
I am really excited about this because it's going to give me the chance to be really creative, and make really nice clothing at a good price! I will probably be starting off with bikinis as everyone is selling them at the moment, because they are getting ready for Summer. Which is scary to think about, as I feel like it was Summer a couple of days ago! Then will be doing dresses and sportswear, and hopefully then will start producing some lingerie. I was talking to my mum, as she was telling me how she has been talking to some lingerie companies and how they are having to start making bigger sized bras as more and more people are getting bigger busts. So, I thought it would only be right of me to provide large sized bras! :)
Anyways I am going to show you a few things clothing's items that I particular like for 'Motel'!

Jeffrey Campbell Singin Boot In Cherry Velvet 




Motel Saskia Long Sleeve Crop Top In MidNight Velvet


Hope you liked my post! and I hope when I open up my online store that you tell me what you think of it!

Love you all!!!