Tuesday, 17 December 2013

LightRoom, PhotoShop, Illustrator - Journey begins

In the last couple of days I have purchased the three most amazing softwares, which most of you would of heard of. LightRoom, PhotoShop, and Illustrator...!!!!
I haven't been this excited about something like this in years, which will probably seem weird to you if you aren't that into programming. But the amount of things you can accomplish with these three programs, is more then any human would ever imagine. And now having it has made we feel like I can design and make anything on my computer! :D

I have my GCSE Mocks after Christmas and I am revising like crazy!!! Also I will be starting the long journey of making my Product Design product, when I get back to school.

When I have the time I would love to take lessons or have someone teach me how to use these programs properly! As I only know the basics, I can only accomplish a bit. But every little bit of free time I have between revision at the moment, I am spending trying to learn about them! And I am learning something new every day.

If there's anyone that is able to give me lessons on how to use either PhotoShop or Illustrator, please contact me by putting a contact down below or emailing me!

Also I forgot to mention that after all my exams are over I might start an online shop with all my digital designs on, this will allow me to share it with everyone and allow people to use it for their sites!

P.s. let me know what you think of my new blog look! I was experimenting on the programs and thought I would change my blog up a bit! :)

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