Sunday, 22 December 2013

2013 Christmas Festive Cheer!

Christmas is nearly here!!! This is my first Blog Chirstmas, and I am really excited! And as you can tell we have been putting up decorations and getting into the christmas cheer! We always start decorating really late, because we are busy doing other things around christmas time. Family is a big thing for us, so every year we have a lot of family events leading up to christmas and new years. Our family is massive, I have over a hundred cousins and I haven't even met a quarter of them! Our christmas shopping hasn't been the same this year as I am getting older now, I am starting to realise that there isn't much I want.. and the things that I do want are quite expensive! For example, a Macbook Pro Retina Display and a Canon 5d Mark iii. If you are interested in Mac or Camera, you will know that they both cost a lot of money.
If you have noticed in one of my pictures in the college there is a Dove. My mother likes to have it on the tree as it means 'peace' and also my name means that. Also as you can see my dog is in the first picture! She loves christmas! As probably people would think that's a weird thing to say, she always gets even more jolly and happy as we get closer to christmas. She almost knows that there is a joyful event about to happen! Haha!
We have been in London a lot this week for Christmas shopping and family events. But this weekend in London is the busiest one of the year. 
I thought I would show you also two of the presents that I got for my mum for Christmas. 

The Mascara Is : DIOR - Diorshow Waterproof Backstage Makeup : £23.00

the lip gloss is :NARS - Larger Than Life Lip Gloss : £19.00

Also I would love to let everyone know that I am now a shop owner! With starting two in the last couple of days. One of them is a clothes brand and the other has my digital graphics on it. I have only got one thing at the moment on each, but I will put some more things up soon!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and receive all the presents you want!

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