Monday, 25 November 2013

16th Birthday - Wish list!

I am going to be 16 years old at the end of next week!!!! I am so delighted to be turning 16! Even though I live in England and I am English, well I have got a lot of other cultures in me as well but I am not going to get into that... haha! We still celebrate turning 16 quite a big thing, but obviously in America turning 16, you are able to drive and you have your Sweet 16 Birthday Parties which are usually unbelievable! Wish I could be in America for my sixteenth!

So obviously usual teenagers have a massive list of what they would want for there birthday! Most of the things I want though are really expensive like a Canon 5D mark iii, a retina display Macbook Pro.. and canon lenses and stuff. But obviously all of those things are way to expensive for my parents to buy me so I will probably get some clothes and maybe go for a spa day with my sister! :)

There are some particular pieces of clothing that I have wanted for a while, and there are some things that I have come across while looking online!

I said to my mum and dad about wanting to go sky diving for my sixteenth, as its such an exhilarating experience for a child! But my parents spotted out that because it's England and it's getting very cold at the moment, it's probably not the right time to do it in the year. So, I will do it sometime next year!

Here are two pieces of clothing that are from PHIX, a shop that I only just recently found out about.

Criminal Damage King Tiger Tee - £30.00
Criminal Damage Stretch Rip Jean Black - £30.00

These shoes are from DR. MARTENS! I am such a fan of their footwear!

Serena Boot - £120.00
Britain Boot - £175.00

These coats from Hollister are so adorable! They are perfect to fit into winter with and to keep up with the fashion trends!...

All - Weather Jackets (both of them) : - £89.00

White Point Parka - £140.00

I thought I would just show you a few pieces of clothing that I would like for my birthday, and please comment below telling me what you think of them! And if your birthday is soon, or its just been let me know what you want or what you got!?

Thanks for Reading!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely last couple of days of November!!!

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  1. Aww! I hope you get all you wish for! I'm a sucker for bomber jackets as well!

    <3 Carsla
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