Sunday, 20 October 2013

Procer Shop

Procer SHOP, is the Procer's way of expressing the love for fashion and their choices for all the people out there. Procer SHOP isn't just an idea so now you can find here all the things you ever wanted!


Do you wanna have your own Procer Pattern T-Shirt? Are you wishing to us to create the T-Shirt of your dreams? Ok YOU CAN STOP WISHING NOW! Make your own T, is our new programmer that gives you all the creative option for your T-shirt! Yeah, that's right! In three simple steps you can create the Procer Pattern T-Shirt that you ever imagined! Here, you can mix our patterns with any shapes you want! That's Amazing! What do you need to do? Easy!

Step 1

Choose one or two or maybe three of our shapes!


Step 2

Choose what pattern should go in out shape on your T-Shirt!


Step 3

Now that you have everything ready just send us an e-mail to with:

T-shirt Gender:
T-shirt Size:
T-shirt Shapes:
T-shirt Patterns:

And in one to five days you will receive an e-mail form us with everything you need to know! Isn't this amazing!

Here are some of the T-shirts they already sell!

And here are the necklaces they sell!


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