Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Beginning of September 2013

The beginning of September is now apon us.. I feel like this year has gone past like a whirlwind! When you get older you start to realise that your life is getting faster and faster. Even though I am only 15 (nearly 16) I feel like at the moment my life isn't slowing down at all! I will be getting stressed now, as I come into my most busyness scariest year of my life! The second year of GCSE's!!! Which is always terrifying for a english teenager like me. I have started looking over all the work I have done in the last year, and there is so much to remember!!! I feel like dying!
All I can do is stay positive and get through this next year with a clear mind of what I want to achieve ! I found out that my birthday is the day after we break up for the Christmas holidays, which I am SO happy about!! Because usually my birthday is either the last day of term, or the last week (during school)! So at least thats something to look forward too.
Even though I have been on holiday for the last 2 months and a bit, when I returned to school it felt like I had never had a holiday! All the stresses just came right back to me instantly!

Anyways I hope everyone has a lovely month (and not as stressful as mine)! And see you on my next post!

Let me know what you are going to be doing this month, would love to know what my readers are up to!

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