Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Shopping for Modelling Outfits

I had a shopping day with my mother the other day, to our nearest big shopping destination.. Because I live in the middle of the countryside, there isn't much to do. So sometimes I have to just escape for a while. I'm doing this modelling thing on Saturday, in my home town! Which I am soooo excited about!!! I would never of thought of myself being a model, as I have always been quite muscular because of the amount of sport I have done over the many years. But there is like 25 of us that have been chosen to go to the final round to becoming a model, so fingers crossed.. :D I big benefit to me though is that I am quite tall (around 5f 7-8) and have long legs, so thats very useful for modelling. Also I have quite a curvy figure, sometimes maybe to curvy. HAHA. I have to pick 5-7 outfits to wear for the shoot.
I am having a proper photo-shoot done by top professional people! The photographer has photographed JLS, The Sugerbabes and loads more.. and I am getting my hair and make-up done as well.
Another dowe to me for modelling is that I have acne.. which sometimes could be a problem. And they are asking me to go in with no make-up on, or a little bit.

But all I can do is go in confident, and feel good about my self and hope thats enough! And hopefully the workouts and the diet I have been on this Summer is going to pay off! :P

Here are 2 of the outfits I might be wearing :

If you like you can tell what you think of the outfits! by leaving it in the comments section..

*first outfit // Republic
*second outfit // H&M

These are just a few things I bough that I might wear.

3 of my thoughts :

*one // Loving salads (favourite meal)

*second // Wanting to take a make-up course

*third // stressing about work for next school year.

Hope everyone enjoys there week, and see you soon!


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