Thursday, 29 August 2013

Faceon - Issue 12

Hello Make-up, Beauty, Hair and Fashion Lovers.. This week I would love to share with you an amazing magazine that I only found out about the other day! The reason I love this magazine is because it gives you a lot of advise about make up, most of the fashion photography tells you : the model, the photographer, make-up artist and the hair stylist. Also sometimes gives you the links to there websites, which I find so helpful! And also when I purchased it, I received a free blending brush for my eyes.

The two big make-up brands they mention a lot is M.A.C and Make Up Forever. I might be purchasing the 'Make Up Forever HD Foundation', so if I do then I will probably do a review on it.

The font cover is really eye catching, with it being colourful and vibrant! I love the wig the girl is wearing in the picture! It gives you good info about what kinds of articles are in the magazine.

 Hollie Wakeham is a make-up artist, hair stylist and nail technician. This page she has written about her life in her professions. It's very interesting and if you have a passion for any of these things, then you should deffiantly read this article! She has a YouTube channel so you should go and check it out!

She worked at London, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, as a part of Marian Newman's team.

The right page shows you how to get that look buy telling you the base, eyes and lips brands and types they use!

I love the colourfulness of both these pages, they really stand out above the rest!..

This is such an important page.. It gives you the six top foods, that will keep you fit and heathly!

  • Water
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Olives
  • Avocados
  • Tofu
  • Chicken & Fish

This page gives you FACEON's Top 6 Tips :

  1. Always try a product before you buy it, and if cautious, introduce one product at a time starting with a foundation.
  2. If you find that your skin becomes shiny there could be a problem with your application techniques.
  3. Try not to create too many layers and stick with a brush rather than a sponge.
  4. For those with greasy skin - invest in facial blotting sheets and use before applying your make-up.
  5. Are you finding your mineral make-up is highlighting your pores or any fine lines? Try blending into a moisturiser with similar qualities to create a cream mineral foundation.
  6. Dark circles are far from a issue with mineral make-up, just use a lighter toned foundation to hide them from sight.

FACEON Recommends :

This article is written by Jen Brook about modelling! I read it, and even though it's quite interesting to hear her opinion and about the industry I don't agree with everything she says.

 OMG! I LOVE this make-up look! It's stunning! The colours they use and how they have put glitter in the eyebrows is really inventive!

They put this at the button of the page : " Define the eyebrows by combining a mixing medium with blue and purple glitter ".

This page tells you some of the make-up they have used on these different looks. Also tells you a bit about the style and what the look is trying to get across to people!

I hope everyone enjoyed reading the post, and please leave comments down below to what you think about the magazine and any thoughts on any of the pages.


  1. What a fabulous magazine and such beautiful editorials! Will defiantly check it out!

    1. I know right! It's a great magarzine!