Monday, 12 August 2013

Beach - Summer Time 2013

As it's summer, I have been going to the beach quite a lot. I decided to put up some of the pictures from the different places that I visited. Unfortunately they are not pictures that people take at the Maldives, they are just places a couple of hours away from where I live. Hopefully soon though I will be able to go somewhere in the Caribbean or somewhere like that.
I go back to school in around three weeks, which is depressing! .. But I only have a little bit less then a year left of school, then I am free!!!!!
Still trying to decide what I am going to do afterwards as I would of finished my GCSE's then, which is AMAZING!!

Anyways here are some of the pictures from the beaches I visited :

Had a great time with the family to these places, and hope to visit them again soon!

Thanks to everyone that reads my posts!

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