Sunday, 25 August 2013

2013 Winter Jackets

Yesterday I visited the studios for my modelling Photo shoot! I had so much fun and it was a great experience! I changed into 4 different outfits and 3 different make overs. I met this wonderful young model that came 3rd in Britain's Top Model and also was on Americas Top Model. She has also modelled for Vogue, and loads of others!

I looked through the photos after, with this lady and she thought they were amazing! She wanted me to start modelling straight away! So I now going to start modelling and going to make up my portfolio and website and more.. I am ecstatic!! I would never imagine my self modelling.

Anyways I came across these amazing jackets that I am desperate to buy for winter!

Check them out!


Knitted Tassel Coat - £69.00

I love the furriness of the jackets and how it sits on you. It would keep you very warm and would be comfortable to wear!

Fur Trim Borg Lined Short Parka - £78.00

The colour is really pretty, and goes with the whiteness of the hood! Also adding the zips on each side makes it that little bit more interesting! 

Twill Jacket - £29.99

Absolutely adore the style of this one, of how it has different colours sleeves. It is nicely fitted, but gives you style and warmth.

Little White Lies Bardot Patent Rain Mac - £125.00

The style of this one is very wacky! I like how the black how shimmer to it. It's quite plain but stylish!

Petit Bateau Raincoat in Yellow - £128.00

I LOVE yellow!!!! And usually yellow is quite hard to suit people! I just love love love this coat!!! It would be perfect for cold England and would make you feel cheerful from the colour!

Hope you like the jackets, and see you guys soon!

p.s. 1 week till school starts ! :(

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