Monday, 29 July 2013

H&M Summer Sale

I went shopping with my mum the other day, and I knew there were some really good dresses in the sale at the moment. So i bought a couple of them, as I have grown out of most of my other ones. There are some really other clothing as well in the 'Sale'. Please have a look at there sale! :

Here are a couple of the clothes that I especially liked!

Court Shoes - Then : £14.99, Now : £4.
Colours : Grey, Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Plum Red.

Dress - Then : £7.99, Now : £4.

Sandals - Then : £14.99, Now : £7.
Colours : Black, Khaki Green.

Dress - Then : £12.99, Now : £7.

Trousers - Then : £14.99, Now : £7.

There are many more pieces of clothing that I liked, but would of been too many to put on one post.. ahha!

Hope you like the clothing and have a look on there website for your self!

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