Saturday, 13 July 2013

2013 July V&A Exhibition

I have had quite a busy first couple of weeks of our SUMMER HOLIDAYS!! I am going to tell you what I went to on Monday. Well, before this event I went to see one of my closest friends called Perdi! I might have mentioned her in a previous post, because she has a blog too! She is an amazing blogger and you should defo go and check out her blog!
So then around 6:00 pm, me and parents went to this opening night of this exhibition which is going on in the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum). My mum was a famous textile and fashion designer in the 80's. And one of her designs is in the exhibition! I was really excited because I saw a lot of wacky people there and a lot of famous designers from the 80's. Also the person that made Princess Diana's wedding dress was there!!! My mum met Princess Diana a couple of weeks before she died. RIP..
Anyways here are some of the photos I took of the event!

This is a little bit about my mum and her fabric..

The lady sitting next to the short dark handsome guy with the big hair is the lady who made Diana's dress.

Little bit about the concept of 'Body Conscious'.

Some other peoples fashion things..

These people were famous but forgot who they were! But I took a picture of them because I loved there outfits! I love meeting people like this, it makes you think that people should act and dress like what they want to be not what other people tell them to..

Hope you liked the post! And I will see you on my next post which will probably be about this Colour Run that I am doing tomorrow!! Can't wait!!! YAYYYY!

Love you all!

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