Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Self Harm..

On Monday in our PSE session (free period) at school. This very passionate lady came to talk to us about self harm.. Now i though as I haven't posted in a while and I was wondering what I could do for my next post, that I should maybe to one on self harm. I thought about it wondering if it was a good subject post to put on my kind of blog. So in the end I decided to because it's such a serious matter, and people need the information.

So, lets get started..

Now, there are so many terms for all these questions, but I'm going to tell you the ones that I got of this very good and interesting website! I hope you find it helpful!!

What is self harm?

Self-harm is a way of expressing very deep distress. Often, people don't know why they self-harm. It's a means of communicating what can't be put into words or even into thoughts and has been described as an inner scream. Afterwards, people feel better able to cope with life again, for a while.

Why do people self harm?

A person who self-harms is likely to have gone through very difficult, painful experiences as a child or young adult. At the time, they probably had no one they could confide in, so didn't receive the support and the emotional outlet they needed to deal with it. The experience might have involved physical violence, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse. They might have been neglected, separated from someone they loved, been bullied, harassed, assaulted, isolated, put under intolerable pressure, made homeless, sent into care, into hospital or to other institutions.

Is self harm a suicide attempt?

Self-harm can be about trying to stay alive – a coping mechanism for survival, and to escape from emotional pain. The majority of people who self-harm are not suicidal, but a small minority will intentionally attempt suicide. Some suicides resulting from self-harming behaviour may be accidental, occurring when someone has hurt themself more than they intended to.

Is self harming behavior attention seeking?

Because it can be hard to understand, healthcare professionals, friends and relatives sometimes mistakenly regard people who self-harm with mistrust or fear and see their behaviour as attention-seeking and manipulative. If someone you know self-harms, you may feel helpless when faced with their wounds; your own feelings and fears about the situation may cause you to blame them instead of supporting them. Bear in mind they may be using the only way they can to communicate their plight and to get the attention, care and comfort they need. However upsetting it may be for you, it doesn't necessarily mean this is their intention.


I have heard lots of people say that they do it for attention, which I think is absurd!

Anyways, I hope you have found it helpful and interesting to read!

Thanks so reading!

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