Saturday, 8 June 2013

Catch Up Clothing..

So.. I thought I would catch you up on some of the things that I have purchased recently, as I haven't posted what I have bought in a while. As I have now finished my exams it doesn't mean that I have time off, I still have another year of full on studying and exams as I am now in the middle of the GCSE's.. yayyyy
I hope everyone is enjoying every moment of there life!
Tomorrow I have a tennis lesson with my amazing couch that I have had since I have moved to the countryside, so looking forward to that. It's annoying because I have had this foot/ankle injury for nearly a year now, and has really messed up my tennis! anyways..

TK MAXX which I visited with my sister, have some really good priced stuff in there! Go and have a look if you have a moment!
At the moment I have a thing for short, cropped, sleeveless jackets! Don't know why, just do! :) Also long summer dresses! Because I am quite tall and have a kind of hourglass figure, most of them suit me! Sometimes adding a belt in there as well makes your body shape stand out more, if you have a nice figure.


Forever 21

Miss Guided

I have just recently come across this store online! It's really good, you should have sneak peek at the website!

Hope everyone has a wondering exciting weekend, weather you are doing something amazing, or just relaxing at home by your self or with your families!

Love you all!

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