Sunday, 12 May 2013

All My Make-Up

I have finished all my exams!!! but.. no time or need to celebrate as I still have loads of tests and controlled assessments now. This is what GCSE's are like. No break for 2 years! YAYYY! no. You will know what it's like, if you are my age or older! not fun at all..
Well at least I have them out of the way.

Yesterday I went through all my make-up, and cleared away all the rubbish stuff that I have kept over the years. I found a lot of things that I didn't know I had, and will start probably using them more now. I forgot that I had some really good concealers and massacrers that I haven't used in ages, that are really good! Here are some pictures of all my decent make-up I have in the categories.

So this is my little make-up collection :) Some of you will probably think wow thats a lot but, a lot of you will probably think nahh there's hardly anything there.

I'm not going to name and tell you every single thing I have but soon I will probably start putting on more make-up routines and then you will know everything I have! If you would like too.. hehe

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and see you on my next post!

p.s. There are only a few brushes in the pictures, I have many more! :P

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