Friday, 19 April 2013

Weekend Shopping Spree - Part 2

This post is following through with the last one but this is todo with last Sunday. We had just spend the night and morning with my family relatives, and I was planning on meeting up with my friend in town. She's called Carlotta and I have known her since I was born (my oldest friend). We went round town looking at shops, and buying a few things but not a lot.

Here are a few things I bought :

Primark Earrings - £3.00 :
I love the length of them, and the colours, I think they are adorable! I saw them from a distance, I was like OMG I am having them!!

Primark Belt - £3.00 :
Really nice belt, good quality for its price! Saw really nice belts in Hollister, but they were like £20.00 so I was like no wayyyy!!

Gilly Hicks Top - £19.99 (I think, around that) :
Really nice feel to the fabric and how it looks on me. Love the saying on the front :) Going to be really nice for summer, maybe wear it with a swimsuit.

H&M Playsuit - £19.99 :
Really love the patterns on the straps, and love how it sits loose on you.

Then just before she said to get on the tube to go home, I found this little ice-cream place that I have been trying to find me ages! They have the most incredible Watermelon Ice-cream, in the whole world!! I could eat a tub of it! But I think they give you quite a lot for one scope! This is a picture of it with my friend in the background :

P.s. the colour is amazing! aha..

And finally when I left her, I ran in to one of the other friends coming out a shop. She's called Perdi, and she went to the same school as me after Nursery. Also she has a fashion, beauty blog called WatermelonRaindropX!!!! It's really really good, you should go and have a look.

Anyways, hope everyone has a pleasant weekend and see you on my next post.

Love you all!

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  1. Ahh I love those earrings! I'll definitely look out for those on my next trip to Primarkl Also love that play suit.

    Kathryn x