Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Local Arts and Craft - Part 3

This is the last post out of the 3, todo with the Arts and Craft event that I visited. This post I think if my favourite one, as its todo with a company called 'Eternity Crystal', which sounds similar to my blog title. Thats not the reason why its my favourite though..
This company, makes 'crystal clear memories' as they call it, and this will tell them a little bit more about them:
At Eternity Crystal we understand just how much you treasure the memory of your loved-ones and scattering of their ashes is such a final farewell. With this is mind, we have pioneered and patented the process of fusing a small amount of their ashes into crystal glass and precious jewellery, providing a unique range of beautiful memorials by which to remember them.
Our memorial glass is individually hand-made by skilled glassblowers from leaded crystal using traditional methods and our stunning jewellery is hand-crafted by our experienced in-house jeweller. Each piece is therefore unique - as unique and precious as the memory of your loved-one.
We have also pioneered a technique to enable your loved-ones' ashes to be embossed into a heart shape within the crystal glass elements of our ladies and gentlemen's jewellery and also within the crystal charm of our silver bookmark.

Here is their website :

Here are some examples of their work (sorry there isn't any pictures of the memorial jewellery they do!) :

They ship to all around the world, and I think its such a nice thing to do for your loved one!

Hope everyone is enjoying there week!

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