Monday, 1 April 2013

Local Arts and Craft - Part 1

Today I went to this sweet little 'Art and Crafts' event near to were we live. There are around 4-5 workshops in like a farm area, and people can just go and see them work or go they can visit their shops.
This 1/3 parts of this series, with it being about this company called Silver Tree Crystal. They make the most stunningly beautiful glasswork, and had the honour of watching them make a few. They told us some big companies they provide products too!
Their quote for their company is, "Breathing New Life Into Crystal". I think that is such a beautiful, inspirational quote!
This is a little bit about them :
'Handcrafted British lead crystal: design, colour and form... fused with quality and heritage. We remain true to the traditional techniques and tools used to make handmade glass, that have barely changed over the centuries, in the belief that this gives the finished crystal the luxurious quality that is only achievable with a truly handmade product.

Pop over to their website and have a little look :

Keep in touch for Part 2 of 3.

Hope everyones having a pleasant Easter Monday!

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  1. Their work is really nice! I hope you enjoyed attending the Art and Crafts event.

    Also, I tagged you in the 'Influences of the Internet Tag' so please take a look!

    Kathryn x