Saturday, 16 March 2013

New Lens

My Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens came in the post yesterday and I was over the moon when I got it! I was so excited to just get out my camera and start taking loads of photos! After school today (yes, I have school on a Saturday!) ahh! Anyways I went out for a little stroll around the new village we live in, with my labrador and dad, to try out my new lens. And the photos came out really well! The main reason why I got this camera was because its more professional as in the quality of the photos but also how it is outstanding at adjusting. Now this lens is the cheapest Canon lens you can get, as you can get it new for around £80 but this doesn't mean it isent good. The quality of the picture, I think comes out better then my Standerd Canon lens 18-55mm. I bought it from Amazon as it was a good price for a new one, but there are lots of other sites you can buy them from! I am going to be exploring more with it in the Easter holidays, as I will be doing some photoshoots with my friends, and then might put the photos up on my blog!

 This week has been such a hectic week! I have had so many tests, exams, controlled assessments and we still haven't got any wifi or TV at our house. I am literally dying here!

Hope everyone has a relaxing and peaceful, rest of the weekend and see you next week! I will now leave you with some photos that I have taken with my new lens!

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