Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Countryside Sheep

Had another pleasant walk around our new village, to look for some public footpaths to go down with Maia (my dog). Found one, which is surprising! I would of thought because there are so many fields around us I would find more, but oh well.. Reached nearly the top of the hill going up 3 fields :) It's nice sometimes to go for strolls by your self to think through things. We found out that my dog is going to be fine, and that its just a one time thing. So thats amazing news, as they thought it could of been cancer. Are school holidays are in a few days, so hope to get a rest. Very unlikely I will because have school end of year exams when I get back to school.
Its nearly Easter already, its ridiculous! When I go into the supermarkets and they are selling easter eggs it makes me feel really depressed, because it shows that time is going by TOO quickly!
Here are some of the cute, friendly sheep I came across on my walk.

 This is my wardrobe that me and my dad has just made up, from IKEA. It's double sliding mirrored doors, and its amazing! Well worth the 8 hours making it! :) By the way, thats not even showing a quarter of my stuff.. hehe!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, and see you on my next post!

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