Saturday, 2 March 2013

Country Life

Hello Everyone! I was thinking because I live in the countryside at the moment and there are loads of wildlife and fields here, I thought I would show you a few pictures of these animals I found in this farm near where I live.
As I am living here I love waking up to sounds of birds and life around me, and the fresh air as I walk out the front door, but I do miss London a lot! Teenagers like me, usually want to live somewhere where there are lots of events happening and shops and stuff. But the two major things about London is that it's much less safe then the countryside and the air is also so polluted! I heard, I think about a while ago that apparently one person dies every year because of the pollution in London! How crazy is that! Also when I go there, which is literally any time I have the chance to go, like each holiday, I get tired really easily! I even get tired of SHOPPING! thats so weird right!?

The pigs, I think, look so adorable!

Look at his/her amazing features in their faces! It made me cringe at first.. but its just amazing to see all the little details they have on their bodies.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and see you next week!
I am sure you will be having a better one then me, as I will be spending it at home most of the time revising for exams.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I hope to have a farm someday. I love pigs especially.

    <3 Melissa