Saturday, 23 March 2013

Code Academy

Today, I have been lying in bed as I haven't been well.. and hope to feel much better for the last Monday of the school term. Our Easter Holidays start of Thursday (I know right, quite random), in other countries though you probably have completely different holidays! We have, I think just over 3 weeks off, and this is usually longer then most of the other schools around us because we have Saturday school.
So, what I wanted to talk to you and share about with you today, is about Code Academy. This site you might of heard of before if you are interested in coding for electronics. My sister introduced me to it as she's taking a couple of classes on it, and loves it! And it's completely FREE! We have similar interests and this is one of them. Today, I started taking a course in the 'Web Fundamentals' course, as its about : How to Build Websites, HTML and CSS, style and design. Now there are many other courses you can take, such as: JavaScript and Python (which are the ones my sister is doing), and many more. By the way they have done it the site, as its completely free, I think its a very good site for learning about all the coding side of things. You gain badges and points as you learn more things, and you will enjoy it! I started this because I wanted to learn how to design my own blog. I am 7% through my HTML basics and hope to complete it maybe by the end of next month (as I don't have much free time). They give you all the instructions, and it will show you how easy it is to learn about it!
This is mine:

Hope you have a try, if you are interested in learning the coding side of life! Hope you have a joyful weekend! Love you all!


  1. I will try this site...I am eager learn coding too. Have you tried before? They are also good.

  2. no I haven't.. I will have a look thanks! :)