Friday, 29 March 2013

Bedroom Posters

Wanted to share with you today the three most important posters in my room, and tell you a little bit about them..

'That which does not kill us makes us stronger' - Each time I look at this it reminds me of the song, that it is used in by Kelly Clarkson 'What Doesn't Kill You'. I used to listen to this song and loads of her other songs, when I was younger with my sister. I made the poster out of fashion magazines, and just cut the different letters out and stick it on to a big piece of paper. It's also a very famous saying, and it makes me believe that what ever hurdles you have to jump over, you will feel stronger from surviving them. It doesn't mean that I completely believe 100% of what it means, I just like the saying and means a lot! It's placed over my bed reminding me each time I go to bed.

'Friends' - Friends has been such an inspiration to me and my life. It has taught be a lot, from watching each episode. The humour in it is hilarious and brings out the funny side of me. Some of the actors and actresses are some of my favourite people that I look up too! It also encourages me to be more confident and to try out acting for myself. It has been a massive part of my childhood, as I have watched it a numerous times over and can remember every single line of every episode! CRAZY I know.. and that is places on the side wall of my bed, so they can look over me.

'The Beatles' - This poster is extra special as I was brought up down the road from the Abbey Road Studios. All four of them have had incredible journeys through their lives, and sadly most of them have died now. I still listen to their music now, and some of the songs they made individually. 'Here comes the sun' is my favourite song of theirs, as its jolly and is also in one of my favourite movies that I used to watch when I was younger, called 'The Parent Trap'. But I would have to say John Lennon's song 'Imagine' is my favourite, even though it makes me a little emotional it brings back loads of memories! RIP.
And this is placed in front of my bed, so I can look at it when I am lying down, to remind me of the old days back in London.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Weekend and see you next week! :)

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