Thursday, 28 February 2013


HEYA! I decided to show you some of my favourite magazines this month and I am going to show you some of the designs and random things that stood out for me!

In BAZAR, the designs from Salvatore Ferragamo are really elegant and pretty, and would love to get their boots in the picture! I literally died when I saw them!
I thought that the dresses and coats were so pretty! I love the patterns and fabric they use!
As I was flipping through the end of the book, I came across David Walliams, and he was answering questions about him self. Found it quite interesting, as I find him hilarious!
Also around that area of the magazine I found some really nice lingeries! They looked like they were really well made and I really want them!!!!! Here are some of the lingeries websites : , ,

And with Runway I just found a few interesting digital styles and some bits and bobs. There was examples of peoples fashion illustrations.

Thanks for reading! Hope you found it interesting!
Comment if you would like, about your opinions on the fashion!

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