Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Being ME!

This post is quite serious because even though it effects most of us, it effects a lot of youngsters. When I was growing up, the schools and some of the areas I lived made me think I had to act and be in a certain way. The way I spoke, the way I dressed... It just wasn't me.
Secondary school was the worst, as people got worse as they got older. We all have are own stories probably quite similar to this but in different ways. Everyone wants to fit in. Just some people have stronger wills then others, to stand up for them selves and others. Even though I was only 16 when I left school and then sort of went straight to uni, it still effected me a lot!

I was at Private school, and I had a lot of things to be thankful for. But I was so close to moving to a State (Public) School, as I felt like it would suit me better. However my parents wanted to keep me where I was, to get the extra help that I needed for my learning difficulties. I did get a lot of opportunities there that I wouldn't of got at a State School. But this wasn't enough for me to want to stay there.

I was for sure going to leave after GCSE's, as I couldn't cope with the environment anymore and pressures. When I moved back to London after, I was so happy. I had never felt so free to explore and nothing stoping me. From 2014 to 2015 is was difficult to get over my fears and anxiety. I was still learning that certain things were okay to do that I didn't think was right before. Also trying to stay away from people from my 'past years'. Being at a art uni helped as it's the best place to experiment and find your self. Even at the end of my first year back in London, I still didn't feel like myself.

Since September I've been doing a foundation course at CSM (Central St Martins). It's given me so much to learn from and helped me to develop my creative skills. If you know CSM, you'll know that you will find some real people there being there complete selves. Obviously not everyone everywhere will be how you want them to be, but it's a large percentage here.
Even though i'm still teaching myself, to stop acting in certain ways because I think I have to. I've gotten so much better at learning to be myself. It's so important especially in our society, to not 'to be a sheep' (follow the crowd). But to stand up for yourself, and be who you wanna me! (as long as you're not hurting others).

I'm starting to dress more like me, act more like me, and understand and learn my inner self. Not to how other's would like me to be.

If you were to take one thing from this post, it is to learn to discover yourself and understand who you are and not be afraid to show it to the world!

I've been lucky enough to have a few really close friends that I can trust, and tell pretty much anything to. But to be completely honest, it has taken me a while to be 100% honest and truthful to them. I still am in a way. But communication is so important, that keeping your feelings hidden isn't good for you.

Thanks for reading! Hope this has been a helpful post!

Lots of Love x

Monday, 4 April 2016

Daily Make-up Routine PART 2

Continuing my PART 2 of my Make-up. Moving onto what I use after the foundation process.

First I would powder my face with the MAC - MINERALIZE FOUNDATION/LOOSE, in shade LIGHT PLUS. Quite lightly in most areas, but maybe a but more on the cheeks.
Moving on to my Bronzer and Blusher :

For a long time I was using a MAC BRONZER, but I recently deiceded to purchase the ESTEE LAUDER - BRONZE GODDNESS in shade 01 Light. Even though it's a tad expensive, you will get your moneys worth as it will last a long long time! My friend actually recommended using ESTEE LAUDER products to me, as she has used them for a long time and loves them!

I don't use blusher that much, but have recently as it's getting hotter. And what I would usually use is the MAC - POWDER BLUSH in shade Blushbaby. I do love their shades in the product, so I would defiantly go check them out to see what you think would best suit you!

Now, this product I've purchased the most recent and its amazing! Yet again another MAC product but it's the MAC - VELUXE BROW LINER in shade TAUPE. As my hair colour has gotton much darker recently, I deiced to go for a liner that could give me nice defined brown but can also look quite soft/gentle. The the other half of the pencil it also has a spoolie (little brush).

At the moment I've been using this really good cheap liner, that I got off ebay (I think). It's called GABRINI - BLACK DIPLINER. It's very good for the prise, and I always need waterproof as they tend to come off on my eye lid otherwise.

This next one I will not stress enough. This is the best mascara I have ever used (and i've gone through a lot of brands!). Let me present the ILLAMASQUE - MASQUARA it only comes in one shade. But this mascara has really done well! It enables my lashes too look long and full with hardly clumping. Actually a lot of people have commented on my lashes since using this product, and asked if I had fake eyelashes on!

I get to my final make-up product. The YVES SAINT LAURENT - ROUGE PUR COUTURE, and can't actually find the shade number on my product. But it's a natural skin colour with a bit of pinkyness.

I might be doing a youtube video of how I apply these products everyday and the different brushes I use. If there's anything I really recommend getting out of all of them I would go for the ILLAMAQUE - MASQUARA.

See you soon! :)

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Daily Make-up Routine PART 1

Noww, I thought i'd share with you guys my daily makeup products that I use on my face. I changed my products quite a lot depending on how my skin is at that time of the year, and new things I discover. But for the moment I'm going to tell you what I will be using probably through Spring and maybe Summer.
Because my skin hasn't been good for a while now, I've tried to use things that won't aggravate it. But i'm not sure if these products are the best things to use with acne, soo... hehe. Anyways, I thought if anyone did have similar skin problems to me that it could help you decide on a good makeup product for you!

I'm going start with what I put on first onto my skin before applying makeup. Now I either moisturise or use a primer that has a good amount of moisture in it (as my skin can get quite dry).

Using LIZ EARLE - SKIN REPAIR MOISTURISER (also sometimes use this before bed)
I have the Dry/Sensitive one, but there is also another called normal/combination.



Moving onto makeup! Starting off with MAKE UP FOR EVER - ULTRA HD FOUNDATION STICK . As I've got quite light skin but more on the yellowy side then the pinkish, I have shade 117=Y225. I don't apply this all over my face, just the areas that need a bit more coverage (for example the irritated patches, redness).

Then I actually combine too foundations together ( I do this to get a different shade, and also for more coverage). First the MAC - STUDIO FIX FLUID in shade SPF 20, but actually i'm more of a 15. I've used this foundation for a long time, and have always gone backwards and forwards with it. Mainly because of my skin changing its condition.

With that I use the ILLAMASQUE - RICH LIQUID FOUNDATION in shade 115. This foundation gives amazing coverage with people that are worried about their skin. Although, I have seen over the time of using it that when it's been on your skin for a bit, it sometimes give off a weird texture on your skin. This might just be me, but just thought i'd say :)

Sometime (depending how bad my skin is that day) I might not have to use a concealer. But if I do, I mainly use the MAC - SELECT COVER-UP in shade NC20. I use for mainly some remaining spot I can see sometimes on my cheeks and chin. This have always been one of my number one concealer, and have used it ever since I was little when I first started to get spots and wanted some sort of hidden coverup. Hehe...

For highlighting, I usually use the NARS - RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER  in the shade Chantilly. It's really good for putting under your eyes and in your t-zone. As my skin is so light, I have to use one of the lightest shades to make me look more ghost like. LOL!

This is the first half of my routine, I will be doing the other half on the next post! Look out for it!

Hope this has given you some advise/help!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

the NEW LOOK 2016

HELLO WORLD! Today I'm going to be showing you my new look for 2016. As you may know by looking at my instagram @ionaaaac that i've added more colour to my wardrobe (well tried to). Purchasing more items that are cute, a bit kawaii and colourful (of course). So, I thought I'd share some of my new favourite brands that i'm dying to buy from at the moment! I've also started a new instagram for another side to me which is more bubbly/ funny and cute @whiteunicorn7 . Go check me and out and follow if you want ! ;D

All these pieces of clothing might not be to all of your taste, but it will hopefully bring out a side to you that you might of not known you had. So lets get started! These items are things I've picked out and that are currently waiting in my shopping baskets. :L

We are going to start with :


ANGEL Sheep koko Unisex Tee -- $ 24.99
This adorable t-shirt can be used as daily wear, as something cosy to go around in. OR night wear, if you don't like to wear these sorts of things in public. I thought the design was really cute and illustrated nicely for all ages!

These I thought were just so funny and cutieessss! The reason i'm drawn to avocado's is quite weird. But it's mainly because my parents told me a lot of funny stories of me when I was younger with avocados in them. So... yeah....
But also thought they were a good price!

I thought this jacket was really nicely designed. With it being mixed with different colours and text forming and really nice jacket! Even though it's a bit expensive, I can imagine it being defiantly worth your money!

Now, I've been wanting a sweatshirt like this for literally years! It'a such a nice thing to just put on quickly and know that it looks nice! It looks so cosy too :)) It will certainly bring a pop of colour into your wardrobe!

I can't start to begin are amazing these shoes are! They are just so fun and wacky. I sure when you're wearing them you will feel so fun and alive! Dying to get a pair!!!!

This bag, like, is just the most adorable thing ever! Unicorns have been an obsession for a lot of us, especially recently. (referring to the name of my new Instagram)... But how they've turned it into a bag and it looks soooo soft! AHHHHH

Even thought this jacket wouldn't keep you that warm, it's something that can be put over a jumper. Also can be used for sports! Even in summer, you can use it as something light to put on if it gets a bit chilly.

Here are a few other websites that I like shopping on similar to these:


I suppose that i'm only really getting into these styles of clothing now, because I've always been worried about how people think I look. But being at art uni really makes you realise that you shouldn't care what others think! Be who you wanna be! Dress how you wanna dress!

Hope you enjoyed the post! See you soon!

Let me know in the comments, which ones your favvvv!!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


ELLO ELLO! So, today I thought I would talk to you guys about my arty side. I don't really talk about that much how art and design is such a bit part of my life! and I really don't know why... There are so many aspects to art and design that i'm passionate about, including; photography, graphics, animation, tech, fine art, architecture, inventing... and many more. It's always been with me ever since I can remember. So telling you about another side to me (which is a huge side) thought it would be a good idea.

Here's the short version.

When I was quite young (around 9-10) art started to become quite serious, with me coming high up in an art competition and we really getting into the different aspects to art. Obviously at school, fine art is always the side of art that gets pushed down your throat a bit. Portraits especially became a big part of my work and had my own art and photography exhibition when I was 12-13 years old. I had to created my own way of photographing my macro pictures and drawing my large portraits (usually of very old eastern men, as they were the most interesting for me to draw). As I got older, I got inspired by so many different things around me; family, software, adaption of technology, experimentation. I got interested in graphics, motion design, more of photography/film, inventing (product design/ interaction design). So then fine art started to become more of a hobby, when I left school at 16.
Which I then started at Ravensbourne which is a great design university in East London. I went straight from school to this course at Ravensbourne called 'Pre Foundation Diploma in Art and Design'. When I heard about this course I was instantly excited about it and wanted to leave school and focus on my art passions more. Being there for a year gave me a good spread out experimentation of different sides to design (not so much fine art). I learnt A LOT about not just art and design, but about myself. Met some amazing friends there that I will always stay in contact with, one being one of my best friends now.
Which is now brought us to today.
I'm currently studying at CSM (Central St Martins, apart of UAL), one of the best art and design universities in the world! I was so lucky to get in, as there was a 1/6 chance. I've been there since the beginning of September doing an Art and Design Foundation Diagnosis, which is where you experiment with everything and not specialise straight away. As I didn't know what I wanted to do yet, I thought that diagnostic would be best for me. Knowing that I would never really want to specialise because I have so many aspects of design that I want to do and take forward. Again being here is teaching me so much about my self that I didn't know, and is helping me decide what I would maybe want to do in the future.

So that's my brief (ish) history lesson.

Now onto things that i'm working on and about my work. I have my own websitehttp://www.ionaclive.co.ukFacebook page, and Tumblr dedicated to the different things I do. GO CHECK THEM OUT! Even though they aren't that updated, will start to upload things more often.

The direction that i'm heading in, for maybe doing for BA (bachelor of arts) is Interaction Design.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hello little minions! I thought I would talk to you guys today about work, as it is apart of everyones lives and because it's getting quite important in my life ESPECIALLY at the moment. Since I was quite young I have always been know as the one that's always busy busy busy, at school. I've always want to do EVERYTHING, sports, music, art... just a lot! And it worked for me, as I was able to keep up with everything and handle it. Until, I moved back to London and had to give up some of my talents and interests as they took a step back.

Although now, I'm busy for an even better reason! I working on business projects, concentrating on my art, design areas (which I LOVE), and exploring the wonderful city that is London! As people that live in London know, London is an incredible city with so many opportunities and history. Before we moved back, I was saying to everyone how I would really make the most of being back by exploring loads! Since moving back, i've certainly done that! I wonder around a lot, walking miles and miles. And for me, it's a great way to think and learn.

Here's my tumblr of me exploring : http://ionawondering.tumblr.com

Tomorrow is my first day at the Uni, and it's such an exciting feeling! New people, new projects, new environment to make my home. It's a very joyful time, + everything else that's happening, with my Brand taking off, my projects that I'm working on with people, and my personal art developing into so many directions. I just feel really happy, and can't wait to share some of my projects with you guys soon!

Now, everyone has their own things that they work on. Either that be a job, personal things or just goals that they are trying to lead up to. But most of all, if it's making you happy, that's all that matters!

I have now been back in London for JUST over a year, and the experiences and people that i've met are so inspiring. I can't wait for the next coming years!

If your working on something, and would like to share it in the comments, please do! I would be very interested to know what all of you are up to! :D

Thank you for reading and hope everyone has a lovely day!

Sunday, 23 August 2015


I can now kind of call myself a uni student (even though I was calling my self that last year!). I will be starting my Foundation course in Art and Design at the beginning of September, which I'm SO excited about! As the time is nearly nigh, I've been doing a bit of internet shopping. Now, art university is the best place to express yourself and not worry as much about society (even though you shouldn't care anyway). So i've been going onto all these AWESOME crazy clothing and accessory online stores. My style is kind of vintage/oriental/colourful wackiness, which is what i'm going to try and mix with my things in my wardrobe. I've been writing lists of things other then art supplies that I 'need' for when I start!

Here are a few brands that I have loved their style of :

They all have very different styles!

The shop has grown to become an international style source offering both new and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Here is where you will find clothing inspiration pulled from the digital Tumblr girl world, bad acid trips, underground counterculture and stylized gutter punks.

Manière De Voir is a UK-based fashion brand created to fulfil the need of fashion-forward enthusiasts, who desire trend-focused contemporary designs with competitive prices.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the greatest range of jewelry and accessories, from independent designers to the most current trends, and for budgets of every shape and size.

So maybe if your in a similar position, hopefully i've given you a bit of inspiration and info!

Have a great day everyone!